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Business, Faith & Friendship


The spirit of confusion, of distraction, of loneliness often equals division and disappointment. But we are not here to be confused. We are not here to be distracted. We are not here to live the ways of the world, but instead the ways of the man who died before us, who gave up His life for ours.


As this group grows quickly and abundantly, I am going to be constantly reminding us of our grounding in Christ.


The St Johns BFF‘s, is so much more than best friends forever. It is an uplifting. An anointing. A calling. 


In case you didn’t know this isn’t JUST a group to meet people. It’s so much more. 


B stands for business.

F stands for faith.

F stands for friendship. 


If you are not drawn to be in one of three, if not all three, then you are missing the great opportunity of life. 


Our insecurity comes from a lack of security in Christ. 


Loneliness is a NATIONAL EPIDEMIC. It’s a spiritual crisis. It’s a tool used by Satan to isolate us to depress us to make us feel less then. 


Did you know the harmful effects of loneliness are equal to smoking 15 cigarettes A DAY?


I challenge you today to stand up in your worth to invite your friends, your family, the masses to join us in our mission to spread the gospel.


If you’re new to this group, welcome home.


If you’ve been with us for a few months, THANK YOU.

If you find this group isn’t for you, if you’re confused, if you’re feeling left out, know that that spirit is not for you, it’s time to break free and the spirit of confusion is a lie from Satan that we will NOT partner with…


Today, I pray that we break through the spirit of intimidation. The spirit of fear. The spirit of distraction. The spirit of loneliness. And together we rise together, we rise in the name of Christ. 


Please know, I am praying over you, your family, your friends, and your purpose. 


Check out our St. John's BFF Website for more info!

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