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This picture is everything. The last 2 miles before we crossed the finish line our emotions were at an all time high. At about 11 miles Erica Durocher turned to me and said, “I know why God made me your sister...because there’s no way I would do something like this without you...” In that exact moment I felt everything. My emotions consumed me as we sped up and ran faster than we had the first 10 miles. My mind was racing. “Wow. She needs me. My sister needs me. I will not let her down. I will not leave her. We will finish this...together.” As I looked back at her I yelled “Erica!! Let’s do this! Let’s finish strong! Let’s do it together!” Then I reached back, took her arm in mine and as tears welled in her eyes we stayed strong. We fought. We finished. TOGETHER. Then this morning as we looked through the marathon pics searching for something that showed us together hand in hand we were bummed. Not a single shot. And the ones they did have were not the most flattering ones in the whole world so we chocked it up to a loss and called it a day. Fast forward a few hours later and I got a message from a complete stranger on Facebook and this photo was sitting there. “Got this shot of you pulling your friend across the finish line today, if you want it.” What!? Seriously. I’m literally mind blown. God is so good. So faithful. So incredible. Thank you so much JP for sending this photo my way. It means everything.

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