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High Five for Day Five !!!

Whodda thunk that I would EVER run for five consecutive days. That's NINE, count it, N - I - N - E miles. Y'all, I ain't run nine miles in a year since 1988 when I was in basic training. Okay, I take that back. In 2005, I ran/walked on my treadmill almost an hour a day because that was the only way I felt good about wasting time watching soap operas. I had to turn up the volume ALL the way to be able to hear it over the treadmill. This was before we had the ability to fast forward through the commercials. That's when I would run.

Running through the commercials came out to be about 1.5 to 2 miles each time. Can you imagine if I did this today? With fast forward, I can make it through an hour program in about 25 minutes with no commercials. No commercials means no running. Hell, that's not even worth having a treadmill. I get 25 minutes of walking accumulated everyday going back and forth to the bathroom. I don't need a treadmill.

Since I put in two hours of yoga on Sundays, I opted for a one mile run today, at 3:00 pm est; it was a windy 67 degrees outside; windy enough that it affected my asthma. I got asthma when I was about 41ish -- it wasn't too long after that time in my life when I was running through the commercials.

At that age and given the fact that I was already postmenopausal, I had less than a 1% risk of developing asthma. Seriously, it's a ridiculously low number. AND, less than 1% of women have premature menopause.

Did you know that the for the majority of women, they will spend only about a third of their life beyond menopause. The average age of menopause in the US is 51; a third would be about 17 years; added to 51; that's 68 years old. So what's this mean? Because the average age of death for females in the US is 81 years old.

Keep in mind that women can go into menopause from their early 30's into their 60's. If a women is menopausal at age 59, a third of her life in menopause would put her at about 79 years old. While no statistic is ever going to be entirely accurate and there will always be variables that effect everything, for women like me this is a scary statistic. If I fall within the average curve of the bell, then my expected age of death is 52. That's 20 months from now! WTF! I'm gonna have to put an Urn on my Christmas list this year. God knows I can't leave that up to Brad. He'll stick me in an ammo can.

The good new is: NOTHING about my medical history has EVER been average or NORMAL. Instead of dying after a 1/3 of my life is spent post menopausal, I'm going to live to be 100, healthy and strong. I am a walking medical anomaly. For real, I had the mumps twice--in both cheeks, and was vaccinated. Less than 12% of people who've been vaccinated get mumps and the occurrence of having it twice is so low, the studies just say "very unusual". Point is: I'm fucked up.

So for someone who hates running as much as I do, has adult onset asthma, with a life expectancy of only two more years --- I'm a walking freak of nature and if anyone can run 30 days -- I SURE AS HELL CAN!

Here's to running to add yet another way to build bone mass because my insides are apparently disintegrating one by one at my age!!

By the way, I had on a pair of not sure about the name yoga pants that my son gave me for Christmas. They were made in China. There's no tag or brand. Don't know what they are made out of, probably cats or some fucked up shit like that, but my boy gave 'em to me and you know what that means. Momma's wearin' 'em. And to tell you the truth, they actually were pretty damn comfortable. Not too much sweat collecting around the goods. Thanks bubba - Momma loves you!

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