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Running in Kyodan - Day 3

Today, I ran at 7:45 in the morning. It was a pleasant, slightly cloudy, 76 degrees. The weather was perfect. I ran 2.03 miles in 36 minutes, and according to my iwatch, i burned a total of 261 calories. Afterwards, i ate a chocolate almond crunch bar for 150 calories -- cause I obviously wanted my 261 calories back. Then I ate a big bowl of cinnamon toast crunch with almond milk. It might just be me, but I'm thinking that I got my 261 calories back (because they were mine to begin with) and accumulated some extra. **This is exactly why people have trouble using exercise to lose weight.**

Today I wore a pair of #Kyodan yoga pants. #Kyodan is another brand of yoga clothing that I love love love love love, like #Lululemon. They are soooooooo soft and cozy. I did not have to pull them up while I was running. I didn't have to adjust them at all!! I was so happy -- almost.

Now, I get that peoples' groins sweat during exercise, but let's be real here. When the vag & crackle (aka, booty crack) are the only fucking things on your body that are sweating, this is a problem. I don't sweat much -- I never have. I'm just not a sweaty person. If my chest was all wet and my underarms drippy, then I'd accept the groin sweat. But no. When the only sweat you have on your body is in the crotch, then it looks like you pee'd. Doesn't matter if you're exercising or not. Ya peed!

And, here's the best part. Since I had a busy schedule I did not have time to shower before my next scheduled activity for the day. So, what do I do. I do the same thing that post-menopausal women do and what young women should learn to do now. I cooled off those goodies quick. My blow dryer has not one cold setting but two! One is a cool setting, and the other is cold. LOVE IT!

Kyodan yoga pants I score about a 6 cause I can't take the vag crackle sweat.

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1 commentaire

Louise Parker
Louise Parker
04 janv. 2020

Crackle. Absolutely love it!

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