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Day 2 - Running in Danskin Shorts from Walmart

In 2019, I planned to run the Boston #toughmudder with my girls (not my boobs, but my actual friends). I'm from the South, 'my girls' refers to boobs. In this case, my girlfriends and I were going to all meet in Boston and run the #toughmudder -- a first for all of us. God had other plans. I had my gallbladder out on the day of the run, in June 2019.

I turned 50 in August, and one of my personal goals was to run a #toughmudder or #bonefrog by the time I was 50. I'll still be 50 in June 2020, for the next Boston #toughmudder, and I suspect there will be more of us strong, amazing Mind Body Soldier women running alongside one another. Last year there were 7.

When I starting running last year, I had to same issue that I've always had with running -- everything about me is uncomfortable -- my clothes, shoes, socks, bra, hair, ear phones, sun glasses, sweat. All of it. I realized that if I'm going to do this, and do it well, I have got to figure this stuff out. We don't do things we hate for very long, and I hate the discomfort when I run. I made a post last year about what shorts people wear. Someone suggested the #Danskin shorts, with a liner, from Walmart.

I went to the store, tried on a pair, and loved them. They even have pockets which is fabulous. The liner is comfortable. They have a thick waistband that is not too tight. I bought 3 pair, and they have become my choice attire when working in the yard or mowing the grass. But for running -- NO!

Because just like so many of the other shorts I've tried, my thighs rubbing together when I run causes them to bunch up in my groin and it feels like they are trying to climb their way inside of me. Then that causes a crack attack in the backside. Who can run like this? I do not get it.

PLEASE - I need some help finding shorts that don't bunch or crack when I run. What do you recommend?

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1 comentário

Louise Parker
Louise Parker
04 de jan. de 2020

I rarely run in shorts for this exact reason!

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