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Running for Haters - Day 1

My name is Dr. Linda. I'm a shrink and proud of it. To tell you the truth (which is what I do), I love referring to myself by "shrink". To me it's a term of endearment. The word 'shrink' is an old old old slang reference to practitioners who manipulate thoughts, feelings, emotions. That's exactly what counseling is. It's what God meant for me to be, and I LOVE what I do.

What I don't love is RUNNING. Ugh, stab me in the foot now. I hopped on board with my friend's goal for January to run everyday. The whole month. Everyday. 31 days. At least a mile, preferably 3, or some bs like that. Why? Why do something I hate? As much as I love to do things I love and avoid things I despise, I also love supporting my friends, being accountability partners, and experiencing change. I love to change! And, I love to accomplish BIG things. Life is too short to meander around doing little things all the time. Little things are important. They make the world go round. But big things!!! Big things create shifts. People, places, and things need BIG shifts to grow. Think about it. Ever been in a building that is getting remodeled and you get a little excited or curious about what the finished product will look like? I know I do.

Then when it's done, you're like, 'what the hell. why did they even waste the money. looks almost like it did before. maybe the paint color is a different shade of white and the floor tiles were replaced with a similar neutral style.' That's not a shift! It's a change--on the outside. BIG changes create shifts, and shifts create BIG CHANGE.

I am committed to running all 31 days of January, at least one mile. Since I am committed, then it is entirely in my best interest to overcome or resolve the hurdles I have for running -- the things that contribute to my distaste of it. One of those is comfort.

There is NOTHING about running that I find comforting. In fact, EVERYTHING right now is uncomfortable. I'm on a mission for January to resolve at least one of those areas of discomfort -- my clothes, and first on THAT list is my pants, shorts, vag suffocaters, whatever you want to call them -- they suck.

Day 1 -- January 1st. I ran 2.06 miles in 34 minutes. Go ahead, laugh. I'm laughing myself. I ran at 2:55 pm est. The weather was nice. I ran in a pair of Lululemon Align yoga pants. They are super super comfortable on the legs, but because there's no real compression to them, I had to keep pulling them up around my waist. It's not like they were too big, I think my marshmallow center jiggles a lot when I run; and what pair of pants or shorts wants to be confined to marshmallow fluff??

Lululemon Align yoga pants -- for now, i'm going to give them a score of about 6 out of 10 on the comfort scale for running. 10 being the most comfortable.

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1 Comment

Louise Parker
Louise Parker
Jan 04, 2020

Well I loveeeee running, and am STOKED that you’re along for the ride!

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