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MatchBox Eating for Weight Loss

Fact- (according to Dr. Linda) - ask any person who maintains a weight and a health status that they feel they are proud of, if they deprive or restrict themselves and the answer will be NO! (with an exclamation mark)

When people choose not to eat something because it’s what they want to do, or not do, then there is no feeling of deprivation or restriction.

Deprivation means to lack something considered a basic necessity. If you’re feeling deprived, it’s not because you said “no” to some fried onion straws. It’s because you feel like you are not getting something you need. Managing weight has less to do with food and everything to do with your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

I have longed for #MatchboxRestaurant sliders and onion straws since I ditched the snow in DC for the white beaches of South Florida— six years ago. I had no idea my all time favorite place for fantastic food, fabulous music, and just all around happy hostesses, bartenders, and servers were down here 30 minutes from my house!!!

When you want to do something or when you WANT to not do something it’s because you want it instead of depriving yourself. Managing weight is about changing what you want.

Are you ready to stop fucking around with your weight?

Ready to make 2020 the year that you find happiness with your health, weight, and FOOD?

Seriously, can you imagine closing out 2020 at the exact same weight and health you are now? NO!

I bet you’re ready, but maybe just a bit uncertain??

Cause God knows there’s a million programs out there.

2020- ditch the programs & eat at your fave places!

On January 1st, 2021, are you going to remember all the foods you deprived yourself of OR are you going to remember all the amazing things you did for yourself and the experiences you had?

This year - I am going all out, no holds barred, the real deal Dr. Linda is throwin down to help people finally learn how to discover their happy with health, food, and weight!!

Come back often to see what mind-blowing stuff I have for you and the great foods I eat!

Go to Matchbox Restaurant at Sawgrass Mills in Ft. Lauderdale and ask for Mike L., and tip him well!

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