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Let it SHINE! Day 4 of Running

Day 11 of 30 vulnerability posts and Day 4 of 31 running challenge.

Today is monumental! Mark it down. It will forever live in my memory banks as January 4, 2020, the day that the sun shone again!

Since I agreed to put my foot one step deeper in the grave by taking on a running challenge, I figured the least I could do is try out different attire because one of my primary hang ups with running is everything I wear is uncomfortable!

Today it was about 78 degrees with a light but consistent wind. I ran about 3 pm and I wore #Lululemon - but I can’t remember the style. I’ll have to go look it up because this is important.

The sweat today was in my opinion normal and expected to see on someone who,is running in the prime heat of the day. And it doesn’t look like I pee’d myself as I did on day 3. Thus, I think this style let’s the goodies breathe. There were no sweat spots on the front which tells me that the accumulation on the backside may have come in part from my back. As I was running I could feel sweat streaming down.

Oh, I got away from myself there for a minute! Forget the run, the pants, and the sweat!

People think that mom bellies don’t go away?! I’ve seen a whole hell of a lot of moms without a mom belly, but I don’t see a whole lot of them who have the sun shining again. Not sure what I’m talking about?

There’s an incredibly stubborn hunk of fat, kinda shaped like the head of a tootsie roll pop, right at the very top of the inner thigh. There’s two- one on each thigh. Women- We can’t just have one of something. Where there’s one fat lollipop head roll, there’s another. Anyway, these two fat lollipops come together at the base of the hoohoo and it blocks the light. Fills the gap. Generates the crotch fire, friction rashes, and yeast infections. Women who’ve had any “weight” issues know what I mean. Sorry guys - you get jock itch. We get lollipop thigh. It’s a thang.

SO, back to the day that will live in infamy. Oh my goodness. The last two years of 20-30 minutes of exercise a day, most of which I cheat at cause I get bored, and tired, and I’m lazy. All that cheating, I mean “exercise” has paid off. Never in a million years would I have suspected that my lollipop thighs would melt away. Y’all - there is a bonafide gap at the very top of my thighs and the sun is shining through! Jesus, praise the Lord.

From now on people can no longer tell me to put my head where the sun don’t shine cause guess what- Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it SHINE! I can see the light - right where those lollipop fat rolls used to be.

good thing there were no shit stains back there. I am 50 now, it’s expected. And accepted in babies and old people.

Just think - had I not been doing this 30 day vulnerability posts thang and the 31 day running challenge I would have NEVER seen the light!


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