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I’m going to start a daily confessional...

Because I’m pretty sure we all go through similar shit in life (the embarrassing stuff our bodies do, the parenting fails, relationship shit, fears, money problems blah blah blah). But here we are thinking we’re the ONLY ones who have ever had to catch poo in their hands, because no-one bloody talks about the hard stuff!

So today’s confession is that I take a tiny little pill every morning to help manage my anxiety. I’ve been taking it for about a year now, and the idea is that it helps me to manage the day to day feelings, so that I can wade through the deeper problems. Sounds really sensible doesn’t it?

So Why has it taken me a whole year to say anything? Well, something to do with the fact that I put myself out there as an empowerment coach, someone who should have their ish together right?! How can you expect me to walk you through your own problems if I have them too?

And therein lies the problem. The problem that we feel like we have to be perfect, or at least portray perfection to be good enough.

So here I am, walking with all of you who also take a little pill (or 2), or who need to but are scared, or who need to book the appointment to ask for help.

It’s OK. It will be OK.

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