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I'm different...

I’m different. Like REALLY different. I remember as a child most of my peers wanting to follow the rules to make their teachers and parents happy and then there was me. My intention was never to make anyone mad or upset but when I was told to do something without explanation my brain would go on overload. I wanted so bad to fit in. To do what I was told. To stop my brain from spiraling but at the same time I wanted to know exactly what the ramifications were for every situation. I distinctly remember quite a few teachers getting so frustrated with me. They thought I was being deliberately defiant and interrupting the class with questions that were a “waste of time.” When in reality I just didn’t understand WHY things worked the way they did and if they didn’t make sense WHY we couldn’t figure out a new way. At 34 years old my WHY questions haven’t stopped and ya know what? Instead of feeling ashamed for being different I feel humbled and blessed. God NEVER made us all to be in the mirror image of each other. He made us in image of Him. Therefore our instincts, our intuition when aligned with him and his purpose need to be trusted. He called me to build something different. He called me to ask the WHY’s. He called me to build something that most people can’t or don’t want to wrap their heads around because it is SO DIFFERENT. To be 100% transparent with y’all a lot of Coaches in my line of work have turned the tables on me and asked my “WHY I need to do something outside of Beachbody when it’s such an amazing company?” And truthfully I LOVE the supplements, all the workouts, the community of support, the events, the opportunity it’s provided for so many people. It literally changes lives daily. But for me, I joined Beachbody to build a business from home so I could make my own schedule for my kids, to help other women get physically healthy, and to work towards financial freedom. That’s it. No bigger picture. No next level. That was plenty. Until it wasn’t… Why couldn’t I just work like everyone else? Why couldn’t I just stay focused on the goal of being a 15 star Diamond like I originally wanted? Like so many other women want as well? To be financially free. Why couldn’t I just stay the dang course? Why did I feel like it wasn’t enough? Why do I ALWAYS have to do things differently? Why do I have to dig deeper? Why do I have to go against every social norm ever created? Why does it feel like a HUGE part of my life is missing when I love what I’m already doing? Honestly, because being a Beachbody Coach alone wasn’t enough for me anymore. There was a gap. A HUGE gap. The women who I attract, my lifers, my mini me’s, my mama bears, are just like me. They need help. Not just physically but whole heartedly. Mentally, Physically, Spiritually. Mind. Body. Soul. They know they want more but can’t wrap their heads around doing a fitness program when they’re suffering from anxiety, depression, feeling stuck, feeling alone, feeling like they’re constantly searching, and so much more. But ya know what…they see light in me so they try taking a first step anyway. They buy the health & fitness program. They get an amazing pack of goodies that should be everything they need to take that first step. They’re excited. This is it!!! They get going, but then something happens…someone gets sick, work overload, they get behind on their housework, mom guilt kicks in, people start telling them their opinions, etc (because let’s be real life doesn’t stop around us when we want to change. If anything the universe sometimes feels like it’s conspiring against us when we try to do something for us…). Next thing I know that woman, the one who trusted me to help her has hidden away. She’s feeling like a failure once again. She couldn’t do what she said she was going to do because her own thoughts got in her way. She let the real excuses stop her from what she said she was going to do. She failed yet again. She’s broken one more time. She’s had enough of trying. She’s done. And there I was…the person she thought would help her but didn’t. The solution that was supposed to change everything but yet it didn’t. She could barely start never mind keep going. And I was frustrated. So freaking frustrated. After watching women beat themselves up for failing for years I BROKE. What the hell is missing?! What am I not seeing? God help me. Why couldn’t I help her? Why wasn’t coaching enough? So many people are getting results but there are SO many falling through the cracks. Why couldn’t I do more? God help me DO more. Then I started listening. Not to everyone else. Not to the normal 15 Star Diamond Path for Beachbody Coaches. Not to the masses. But to Him. “Child, I have not called you to build your business like those women. They have their purpose and you have yours. Their success is not a reflection of your failure. Trust in me. The work you are doing is the work I have called YOU to do. Not them. This is not their work. It’s yours. Bring the masses. Help the masses. But do it MY way. You’re in the palm of my hand. All I want is YOU. Just you. Focus your eyes on me. Let me guide your path. You will be rewarded. Don’t fret. Mind Body Soldier is mine. Not yours. Do I ever not take care of the things I’ve created? Let me answer this for you. No, I will never leave you, nor forsake you. Nor any of my children. I love you. So much. Build it. Trust me. Build it.” So I am. I’m building it. I’m building a business that combines my love for Beachbody and filling in the gaps. The cracks where women fall in are being eliminated. We’re focusing on Mind, Body AND Soul Transformation. To focus on your body you need to be in the right mindset. The goal of mind body soldier is to help you focus on that FIRST. We do this through women only retreats, private coaching and mentorship along with pouring into our personal development. Once you feel confident and in control we want to help you build up strength. This is when we’ll get you set up with a health & fitness program that helps you focus on physical transformation. As we continue to work through our mind & body focus we start to dip our toes into why the heck you were created in the first place. We believe everyone on this Earth was created for a purpose. Like a really freaking huge purpose. And we believe that if you’re not doing what you were called to do that you will always feel the void of absence of something missing in your life. WHOLE. HEART. TRANSFORMATION. We all want it. No, we all NEED it. It starts when you say “Yes” to you. Aren’t you tired of saying yes to everyone else but never to yourself. Let us help you. Our women’s retreat April 15-19 in Florida is going to teach you ALL of the things you need to start taking back control over your life. You NEED to be here with us. No more excuses okay? No more I cant afford it. No more maybe next time. No freaking more. You can organize your finances to make it work. I know first hand what’s it’s like to not have enough. But reality is what are you doing to spend that money on anyway? Someone else? Going out to eat? Coffee? Wine? New clothes? New face products? Random shit at Target that will leave you feeling fulfilled for all of 10 mins until the emptiness creeps back in? It’s time. Get registered today. 50% off for the next 13 days. EXPIRES 2/24 Happy Valentines Day to you girl. Get your boo to take care of you. YOU DESERVE THIS. USE CODE: Mind649

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Feb 15, 2020

Truly inspiring 💜 and YES I’m going !

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