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Holy shit. This is overwhelming.

Okay I’m gonna go ahead and say it. ⁣

I’m absolutely mentally exhausted. Everywhere I turn it’s new panic updates about COVID-19. ⁣

Do I think it should be taken lightly? Nope. ⁣

Do I think there are people suffering now and more at risk? Yup. ⁣

Is it just a flu? Just a cold? Just a respiratory issue? ⁣

Should I breathe in public? Should I stay home if I sneeze? Should I get tested? ⁣

Are my grandparents gonna die? My kids? Some of my favorite people?⁣

Big deal? Not a big deal? ⁣

Freak out? Don’t freak out? ⁣

Shit. My kids are off school for the next few weeks. Will I survive this? How about the working class? Will they have enough money for food with all these closures? How about rent? ⁣

Shit. Food. Rent? How are we gonna get more food? What if we get trapped in our neighborhoods like those in Wuhan? How am I gonna feed my babies? What if Bri gets laid off? How long can we survive?⁣

I’m 34. I don’t remember this ever happening to this extent before. ⁣

Is it just me? Has this happened before? Ask a neighbor. Ask a friend. Ask someone in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s.⁣

“Not to this extent”, they say. ⁣

Shit. Okay then it’s worse than they say it is. Or is it? Shit. I’m so confused. ⁣

What if I’m infected? What if I contaminate someone by accident and they die? ⁣

Shit. I’m a murderer now. ⁣

Heart racing. Palms sweating. I need to quarantine. But I don’t have enough food to quarantine yet. ⁣

Must. Go. To. The. Store. Shit. What if I don’t have it and I go to the store and pick it up like the mass hysteria over toilet paper?⁣

What’s happening with the toilet paper? Shit. Do I have enough toilet paper?⁣

Go on Facebook. Facebook will tell me what to do. ⁣

Goes on Facebook. ⁣

More travel bans. More schools closing. ⁣

Angry rants about people taking it too seriously. ⁣

Angry rants about people taking it not seriously enough. ⁣

Rant. ⁣

Rant. ⁣

Funny meme. ⁣

Rant. ⁣

Anger. ⁣

Hate. ⁣

Anger. ⁣

Funny Meme. ⁣

Angry rant about funny memes. ⁣

Holy. Santa. Claus. Shit. ⁣

Get off Facebook. What‘s. Actually. Happening!?⁣

Now I’m panicked. Angry. Full of hate. Scared. Frustrated. Even more confused. And to top it off I now feel guilty for laughing at funny memes. 😳🤦🏼‍♀️⁣

Y’all this is fucking madness. ⁣

Everyone and no one is a medical expert on COVID-19. ⁣

It’s new. It’s scary. It’s overwhelming. ⁣

But don’t you realize what’s happening? Either way it’s creating “THE GREAT DIVIDE” that satan has wanted all along. ⁣

Instead of bringing us closer together in the biggest global conflict of our time it’s tearing us apart. ⁣

We’re buying up goods, medicines and let’s address the obvious, toilet paper we don’t need in a panic & hoarding it like it’s the apocalypse. This panic takes away from those who do actually need these things. ⁣

The constant battle to have your “professional” opinion on COVID-19 heard loud and clear on Facebook is ripping apart friendships over difference of opinion. ⁣

So much anger. Fear. Hate. Confusion. Panic. ⁣

Jokes are no longer allowed to be funny. ⁣

Prayers are no longer “working”.⁣

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” -John 10:10⁣


Don’t let the enemy win. ⁣

Whatever happens over the next few months let’s not look back and regret our actions. ⁣

Let’s focus on doing AT LEAST 1 good deed per day. Sharing the light that will overcome the darkness. ⁣

Infected. Not infected. ⁣



Love you friend. Share your funny memes. Share your articles in order to educate instead of with fear or anger. Wash your hands. Help a neighbor in need. SHARE IF YOU AGREE!!!⁣

If you need support managing sanity (cough cough -me that’s me 🙋🏼‍♀️) in this time of social distancing let me help you. ⁣

We have an online community of women working together daily over video chats to stay connected. ⁣

Mindful mama’s groups. ⁣

Fitness groups. ⁣

Faith groups. ⁣

Coaching groups. ⁣

Just say the word. I’ve got you boo.

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