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He is good. Everyday.

Dressed for the first time since I can remember & for dang good reason! Tonight we’ll be having our first Seder dinner & celebrating Jesus’s creation of communion. Nothing like a vintage robe to make a girl feel alive! 🤣

Y’all today I spent the day learning about Passover and talking about it with my boys. They had so many questions, and honestly so did I!

As the day went on God sent women to guide me and me to guide others. I can’t even explain the sequence events doing it justice but here goes...

Woke up this morning overwhelmed by God. I received an incredible much needed message from the Holy Spirit through a very close friend that shook me to WAKE UP & listen to him. Literally he told her to message me and say exactly what I needed to hear. Chill bumps.

After reading it I felt this overwhelming call to discover something massive today. I opened my holy bible app to discover a lesson on Passover and down to my bones I longed to host a Passover meal for my family. Something I’d thought about in the past but thought this was NOT for me.

I took my digging deeper and googled “when is passover?” Not kidding. When the date showed it started tonight at sundown I was like WTH!?

Really? Today?! So I started down a deep rabbit hole, learning everything I could and put my morning devo post together to share with y’all.

Not even 10 mins later my mentor in Christ goes LIVE on FB about why Christians should in fact celebrate Passover.

Fast forward an hour and I’m telling my friends I’m busy celebrating Passover today so I’ll be out of touch trying to figure it all out. As we laughed together I told them I had zero clue what I was doing, I knew I’d screw up the meal and probably the entire thing but that my main goal was to just get the wording and prayers together as a start.

I hop back on Facebook to see a message from a friend titled “The Passover-Holy Thursday”. I open it and am blown away. “I created a script for a sedar supper, its been our family tradition for a couple years... thought you might want to have a look not sure if you guys already do one!! Ill see if I can figure out how to send it”

JAW DROP. Whattttt. Seriously? I race to email to find the EXACT wording I’d need for tonight’s supper.

I can’t even. As I starting reading through it I was completely covered in his goodness. His words. His grace. His love.

I immediately called one of my besties to explain the events of the day and tell her all about Passover. She in turn told me she had too just learned about the story of Joseph and I shared with her the connection about Joseph’s bones and how Moses made time (Exodus 13:19) to get them from Egypt when they were fleeing because of the promise of God. (Thank you for this Julia).

We both sat awe struck at how he uses people to serve in so many ways if they just listen.


The boys and I then spent the afternoon discussing the Seder dinner, it’s ingredients, why they’re important, and made for the first time matzah unleavened bread, (forgive me if I butcher this all—remember first timer here), Charoset, Beitzah, and set the table as we wait for Bri to get home with the rest of our Ingredients.

How amazing is this all?

Whoever I was yesterday I am not the person today. I am created in his image and his likeness and he will never abandon me nor forsake me! Even if you’ve fallen please don’t ever forget he has not left you. You don’t need to hide.

Celebrate Jesus’s last supper tonight by starting the conversation with God. Ask for forgiveness, thank him for the good in your life and be honest about where you need him. He already knows he just wants you to tell him. Love you friend.

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