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Had Goldilocks and the Three Bears been written today...

I suspect instead of finding the right temperature of porridge or sleeping comforts, Goldilocks experiences would have been trying on different jeans and asking 'are they too big?', 'are they too loose?', 'does my ass look too big?', 'do I have a camel toe?', or maybe 'can you see my crack when I bend over?'.

Can anyone, of any age, shape, or weight have a weight problem?

I say YES! I spent the first 23 years of my life shoving my ass into jeans and then next 23 trying to squeeze it out.

Up until 10th grade, all through childhood, people -- all the people -- my friends, teachers, adults, assholes, everyone -- told me that I looked like an Ethiopian, which was quite a degrading insult back then. It had nothing to do with people from Ethiopia. In that day, commercials were flooded with human aid campaigns focused on starving and malnourished people in Ethiopia. (Little did they know that according to my DNA results from about 3% of my genetic makeup comes from near that region in Africa. Ha-I showed those assholes. LOL.

Do you remember back in junior high and high school, wanting anyone else's body but your own? Surely, I was not the only one.

It wasn't until 9th grade when I could finally wear a size 0 in juniors, but there were still not as snug as I liked. Even when I was wearing a size 14 in little girls jeans at the ripe age of 14, I did everything I could to wear the tightest jeans possible to create the image that I had an ass. Friday night party attire consisted of jeans that required a two-woman job to get them on. After pulling, tugging, and jumping around to pull the jeans up beyond the camel toe, one of us would like on the bed pull the waist band as close together as we could while the other one used pliers to hoist the zipper up, little by little. Oh, and we never bought jeans with snaps. They always had to have a button. One button! Not button fly. That was not happening.

Back then we didn't try on jeans in the dressing room. We held up a pair of jeans, said, 'yep. that's the pair I want to fit into.', and we went home and made it happen. That's determination.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who did crazy shit like that.

Here I am, 15/16 years old, trying to graduate into juniors' sizes, having one less thing for people to pick on me for. I was drinking, smoking, and having sex and still wearing little girls' sizes.

Of all the things in this world to be ashamed of, have you ever been ashamed of what size of clothes you wear?

Do we ever get just plain DONE with feeling ashamed about our size, our shape, or our body?

What if I could teach you the one rule that you'll ever need to follow in order to manage your weight, and you don't have to eat foods you hate or stope eating the foods you love. And, what if I promised you that this was not a gimmick or superfood freak diet. Would you be interested in learning more?

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