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Do you use supplements?

Do you use post workout? If not, it’s something I would absolutely recommend. Here’s why.

Protein Powder & the 20 minute rule...

When you workout, you break down your muscles. Two of the best sources of protein and carbs are either a protein bar (Check out the Beachbars, those are my go to) or 20 grams of protein powder mixed into a protein shake. Protein is easily and quickly digestible, and goes immediately toward rebuilding and repairing muscles.

To facilitate muscle repair and generate muscle protein synthesis, you should ingest protein within 20 mins of finishing your workout. Wait any longer and your body will begin seeking its own protein sources and start tearing down the muscles you’ve just been building up.

I am committed to the 20 minute rule because Lord knows I didn’t sweat hard to have my body destroy everything I’m working towards.

I’m obsessed with 2 different post workouts. One is a whey based orange flavored shake. Another is a plant based chocolate. Depending on what I’m craving I rotate flavors and they’re freaking delicious. Want more info? Just ask! I'd love to help :)

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