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Day 7 - Running with Jesus

I cannot believe I did this to myself. I suppose there are worse things. Here I am seven days in to a 31 day running journey; I've put in 13 miles in 7 days. Holy crapy. That is seriously a record for me. That's almost 2 miles a day, and not any progress WHATSOEVER!! I am not running any faster than I did on Day 1. i don't feel any better about running or when i'm running than I did on Day 1. This is like the perfect reason that people quit goals. We expect that when we start something new and we are consistent and committed, we should get results.

Oh, I've had results. In 7 days I've had lungs that felt like bricks (asthma); got a blister (or two) on my toes; got jock itch; and had sweat isolated to the crotch only area which made me look like I pee'd.

Exactly when does this stuff turn around?? How long does it take to see some positive results.

My chest hurt sooo badly today--asthma sucks---literally. lol. If I die, Jesus will catch me.

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