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Day 6 - Is this Jock Itch?

Day Six is this jock itch?

Day 6 of 31 consecutive days of running, and I'm liking it less than when I started. But, primarily it is about my comfort level. Sweat pools in places that it shouldn't; earbuds won't stay in; even really expensive shoes are so comfortable when actually running.

Today I ran late, about 5 pm. The sun was starting to go down and it turned a bit chilly quick. I know that 68 is not chilly for most of you, but we South Floridians are not equipped with the standard cool weather gear. Today I wore a pair of #Aerie yoga pants, a #Hylete t-shirt, and .my #Lululemon jacket. American Eagle makes fantastic jeans, but yoga pants -- NOT.

They are so thin, like a middle of the road quality pantyhose. I've had crotchless panties with more fabric. So things stayed fairly cool and airy during the run. The problem was what came after the run...

Because the fabric was so airy (ha, pun intended), it was not wicking. So the fabric was slightly moist from the sweat but stayed that way. I knew I felt a bit of sweating discomfort down there, but that's not something I have a lot of experience with. I'm a girl, through and through, and I have to admit, I don't really know what Jock Itch, but I'm thinking that if it's raw irritated skin because the sweat collected and stayed there as I continued to move around. The friction from the pantyhose type fabric, the unrelenting sweat and against my skin, did not leave me all warm and fuzzy down there. It left me wondering if this is what Jock Itch feels like. That was until I slathered up some Boudreaux's Butt Paste.

Can't say I've ever used it on myself, but I've made probably every single member of my family use it at one time or another, including Brad. I started using good ole Boudreaux's when you could only get it in certain places in Louisiana. This stuff is golden! My youngest child practically lived in the stuff. Did you know that unlike Desitin or other diaper rash creams, they tend to lock the moisture in while Boudreaux's heals the area sometimes in a few hours.

That all sounds good in theory until I put it on. Yuck! Is this what babies and toddlers feel like? So gross. It no longer feels like I have raw skin down there, in fact the only thing i can feel is the slippy slimy feeling of the butt paste. I don't know how kids live with this shit on. It's a horrible feeling. I keep shoving my nightgown up between my legs hoping I can get rid of the slippy goin on down there.

Never in all my days have I ever participated in another sport that creates so much incredible discomfort as running. Cycling runs a close second, but the discomfort is primarily limited to one issue -- your ass hurting from the seat until it gets used to it.

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